2019 The Twinklearium



Retreat Information

Date: 12-14 July

Welcome to the 


A playful celebration of life, love & spirit

Imagine a natural sacred space

filled with light 

and love 

and playfulness

To touch the veil, to disappear thru, and to return, awestruck in love

We will explore new and old ways of touching the field lightly & joyously connecting with each other and with Nature 

Through the rich experiences of:

  • Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Miracle Sharing
  • Kirtan Devotional Singing, Story Telling, 
  • Sound Bathing, Journeying, Circle Singing
  • Medicine Walk, Star Gazing, 
  • Feasting, Laughing and Sacred Ceremony 

All to release our natural joy !

Whats on offer?  

Yoga – with Rob Simpson

Kirtan – a form of bhakti devotional yoga, using ancient Sanskrit call-and-response mantras. This joyous ancient practice calls sacred energies to remove obstacles so that the heart can open to the divine

Miracle Sharing Circle – we will create a space to share the miraculous stories in our own experience

Authentic Dance – kick off your shoes and lose yourself in the dance to some great tunes with Mouse

Circle of Songs – come and learn simple beautiful songs from this land and afar. Plus singing workshop with Mike Robeson.

Singing to the Sky –  we lie on the grass with our heads together looking at the sky allowing each out breathe to become a sound, the glorious cacophony that arises is at once profoundly healing, awesome and hilarious

Scratch Band Concert / Caberet –  everyone’s in the band – bring a trombone, a Cello, a ukulele a shaker or anything in between – let your light shine up on the hill!

Creative Writing – Drawing – Painting – bring whatever makes you joyful and share it as you feel

A Poem to guide us….

I dreamed the Twinklearium

I woke up with a start

I sat up straight, eyes wide and shining

Vastly beats my heart

What is this Twinklearium

I perceive with unveiled eyes

Like aquarium, terrarium

A window to the skies

And all contained in here we are

Or outside looking in

Sometimes maybe the shades are up

And now the veils are thin

This ginormous huge glass bell jar 

Twinks within this magic land 

and light fairy dancing feet 

and the finger on ET’s outstretched hand