Summer Solstice Celebration


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21st-23rd June 2024
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15:00 Friday - 16:00 Sunday
Sing, dance, drum and meditate...give thanks to the tree of life in our celebration of the Summer Solstice in the Native American tradition - all welcome - no experience necessary!
23rd - 25th June
This year we will dance for 2 days instead of 1, making this a deeper more intense experience. We gather on Friday evening to prepare practically, physically, emotionally and spiritually for the days ahead. Saturday and Sunday we dance, sing, drum and meditate to give thanks for the gift of life itself from 8am to 4pm, ending with a communal vegetarian feast on Sunday at 4pm. This is our 10th annual dance to the tree of life and we will be planting the tree in the South-East of the wheel, the place of Present Condition & Appreciation. Guides The ceremony will be held by Pip, Fiona and Nic of the Land’s medicine circle.


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