Medicine Wheel

The stone circle on The Land is called a medicine wheel and each pair of stones is a doorway or entrance into the circle. There are 8 doorways – one for each direction of the compass.

The medicine wheel is a kind of map of everything in the universe (the sun, moon and stars and many other things), and this includes humans and all our energies – for example, creativity, adventure, appreciation, etc.

So it is a useful tool for helping us understand ourselves and the world. There are many teachings which have been handed down from the ancient civilisations of central and north America which we use with the medicine wheel to help us explore how we are in the world.

The wheel is also a beautiful reminder of our connection to the natural world, through the teachings and how we practice these in the circle.

If you visit The Land and our Medicine Wheel, choose a doorway and, as you go through, say “All my relations” to remind you of your place in the universe. You are welcome to sit in the wheel to meditate or just have some quiet time. See how it affects you!

On our sign at the entrance to The Land you will see the message “Walk in beauty, leave no trace”

“Walk in beauty” means being aware of the interconnectedness of all things.

“Leave no trace” means respecting our impact on others and on sacred mother nature.

Walk in Beauty

Leave no Trace

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