We offer short workshops and longer camping retreats that are deep and structured to develop your personal practice.

Retreats 2018

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We are an open community who gather together on our beautiful land in Derbyshire to support our personal growth. We love new people to come and join us!

We draw from many traditions including earth wisdom, constellations, yoga, psychotherapy, psychodrama, druidism, music, dance and body-work. The medicine wheel is our focal point. We create workshops and intensive retreats drawing on these approaches. Our program is focussed on nurturing our connection to the field in a way that is consistent with our 5 values.

The retreats we hold on The Land are underpinned

by the following 5 values


1. The Land

As a catalyst for growth in its own right

2. Consciousness

The different teachings and practices that connect us to who we really are

3. Friendship, Family And Community

We are on this journey together to support one another in our individual & collective development.

4. Sustainability

This is an ongoing experiment in how to live on the land as lightly as possible and to learn new ways of living and working together which nurture the Earth.

5. Play

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, there is always space for creativity and the light-heartedness of the little child within each of us.