Who We Are

Who We Are

The Land’s Core Team members who organise and run our events and retreats and take care of the land’s needs!  

Nic Turner

Nic is a life-long student of how to gain insight that is beyond the intellect. He has studied in India and in the USA with indigenous teachers and led major change projects in some of the UKs biggest businesses.

He has an MSc and post graduate qualifications in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Systemic Constellations, and Organisational Development.

He co-founded a consultancy based on consciousness, creativity and innovation and has applied this practice all over the world.

He co-founded the Land project as a base to share leading edge approaches in an accessible way

Susie Turner

Susie’s background includes: travelling and working in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East; twelve years in the UK fitness industry as instructor and personal trainer; and voluntary work with people with mental health issues.

After gaining her MSc she worked with teenagers in the voluntary sector in addition to establishing her private psychotherapy practice. She also developed classes integrating movement and dance with Gestalt therapy and has an ongoing interest in the relationship between movement and consciousness, and is passionate about the benefits of body based practices.

After many years working in a cutting edge business consultancy as business & events manager, she is now bringing all this experience to The Land project, as well as pursuing a lifelong interest in nutrition as a source of wellness and healing.

Jeannie Thompson

Passionate, life long, active campaigner about land, nature, environment, climate, justice.

Especially interested in reaching hearts and minds and helping campaigning groups function well.

Deeply committed to helping others access their deep wise self through creative approaches to ceremony, psychotherapy, play, improvised drama.

Facilitates self help and empowerment groups at different venues for women, people recovering from addictions, refugees, and runs own therapy practice including weekly group for 22 yrs.

Dramatherapist since 1990, Psychodrama Psychotherapist, UKCP accredited,since 1992 plus many years integrating bodywork with psychodrama to release deep emotions. Has learned many approaches and techniques in all this time! An experienced facilitator who has run countless groups, trainings, residentials.

Jos Razzell

Jos is a sociodramatist, storyteller and action methods facilitator, working in business, education and with community groups.  She is a co-founder of Capella, a community training organisation growing the use of sociodramatic action methods, and also Director of Weaver, a creative facilitation and training agency helping purposeful organisations respond effectively to change.

She has been blessed with some wonderful teachers and opportunities to spend time on the land, starting from a childhood in the remote west coast of Scotland, and teenage years immersed in life in Buddhist monastic communities.

Now she is a celebrant and workshop leader for Charnwood Grove of Druids, and leads the Circle of Songs, a sacred voice group.

Working with the Land group is a natural development of all this, and a chance to spend time with others living richly, deeply and well.

Frances Goodall

Frances is passionate about personal and professional growth. She is very excited to have discovered The Land project in 2012 and the community of people around it.

She is an Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer and a Wellbeing Coach. She recovered from 5 years of ME/CFS in her early 20s, and since then has specialised in helping others to recover their health and well-being. She co-runs an organisation called Women’s Wellness Circle which runs online events around the world and in-person events in the UK.

She is the mother of toddler Leo. She loves being outdoors and The Land project speaks deeply to her love of nature as well as personal development. The Constellations approach is a new passion of hers.

Annette Wessmann

Annette is seeking insights in the great mysteries of consciousness beyond the human form while being firmly rooted in this human body. She has explored childhood development, shamanism, family constellation, and animal communication to name just a few.

Annette has a particular interest in medicine. She studied veterinary medicine in Germany and specialised in veterinary neurology after she came to the UK in 2002. She is also interested in integrative or energy medicine and recently graduated as a BodyTalk practitioner.

Annette is excited to be part of the The Land as it is a beautiful way to combine nature, community, consciousness, sustainability and fun and is looking forward to help making it accessible for people with similar interests.

Iain Dimmock

Life long learning – self taught, with a lot of great help!

Environmental artist, international social business development, creative and outdoor skills tutor. Frustrated nomad

Land project Core Team member and co-founder of East Midlands Constellations Faculty.

Often found starting in the middle of the sentence and going both directions at once.

Amit Zala

Father of 3, total geek and digital dabbler. Passionate about all things tech orientated, and interested in how these things can benefit our journey here both individually and as a community. Works in and around digital and online stuff. Alongside his digital partner in crime, Paul, and The Land community, catalysed building this website.

In complete contrast to these digital and non-physical things – Felt connected to The Land immediately from first experiencing it’s warmth back in 2011. The Land, the community and what he has learnt up there have been instrumental in his process of self-development and learning over the past 5-6 years. Feels naturally ‘connected in’ and is enjoying learning what that actually means and how to develop that further. Lover of space, science fiction, life and animals – especially dogs.

Allison Prince

Allison’s passion is in working with the body, as a path to healing on many levels. She has explored this theme over the last 25 years. Originally a dancer, she studied both performing and visual arts at university, exploring herself as performer and the viewer as performer. She continued this work in various physical theatre companies, theatre in education, and as a performance artist.

She discovered the magic of Yoga in her late twenties, as a result of personal physical difficulties. She has been a practitioner ever since, becoming a teacher in 2003. Her specialisations are in breathing and back issues, especially one to one. She has run classes for Derbyshire Mind, Leonard Cheshire DisAbility, and in various gyms throughout Derby.

Allison has been working on the land almost since the beginning. It has been a place of great personal growth, challenge, and joy. She has three young children, and has learnt so much since becoming a mum.

Phillipa Bray

Brought up in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside, climbing trees, tracking foxes, taming squirrels and catching newts, Phillipa remains full of fascination and wonder when wandering the countryside and has huge faith in the restorative and creative power of human connection with all non-human beings.

Recently, after 20 years of managing projects for large corporations, she took a leap of faith and challenged herself to spend 6 months following her true spirit and tuning into that which made her happy and inspired.

An exciting summer of adventures and personal growth ensued, including humanitarian work in Nepal to bring health and education to women in remote villages, vision quests in Spain, Italy and in Findhorn, Scotland with John P Milton and voluntary work in a Bolivian animal sanctuary, caring for capuchin monkeys,  spectacled bears and pumas.

Now Phillipa feels hugely fortunate that she is able to continue to be guided by happiness and inspiration as she begins her new career as a Career Coach, Mentor and Therapist, helping indiviuals and businesses be their healthiest and happiest selves.

Richard Merrick

Richard has spent his life (so far!) working with individuals, groups and businesses to enable them to move beyond their current boundaries towards what matters to them. It has included joint building and leading teams to establish old organizations in emerging markets with new products, working with leadership teams to tackle “wicked” problems (those that change continually as you engage them) and with individuals as they deal with personal and career challenges.

He has spent time in the RAF, working internationally in the corporate world, and for the last twenty years has run his own catalytic coaching practice first in Switzerland, and then Derbyshire. He has a degree in economics, and has studied coaching, leadership neuroscience and design thinking at post graduate level. He spent ten years as a non executive director and trustee with the Leadership Trust.

He found the Land in 2016, and was compelled by the vision of what it is and might become, and those who are part of it. He finds it to be at the heart of what it means to be human in the face of what on the surface feels like rapid and complex change, but which as we understand it is no more than the manifestation of our relationship with the greater order of things.

He lives not far from the Land with his wife Chris, an early years educator

Fiona Blackwell

Fiona is a physiotherapist, Pilates teacher, 1st degree Black Belt in Tetsudo and passionate advocate of “food as medicine”, after family health issues.

Outwardly her interests are very rooted in the physical, even prior to physio, having studied biochemistry and working in research labs, but she has always been drawn to personal exploration, learning to meditate and practising Reiki. She has also been drawn to Earth based spirituality, spending time at ancient sites in the country and exploring Shamanism. This has tended to be a quiet and personal path, kept separately from her outward life.

Becoming mother to a daughter, now 10, encouraged her to find ways to bring wholeness to her life. Fiona became involved with The Land in 2014 and this has given both her and her daughter something they did not know was missing!

Paul Mattinson

Paul is a designer, thinker, maker and engineer and believes passionately in design that works with nature and not against it. He studied Engineering and Sustainable Design and works primarily in the world helping companies design things like innovative cycles, excavators, wind turbines and energy efficiency systems. He is also a volunteer mental health recovery coach with many years experience supporting people through difficult life challenges. The self discovery and personal development work Paul has been involved in is wide and he has been on a mission to understand and fully experience what it is to be human for a while now and being part of this community is a continuation of that journey.

Sharon/Freida-Mai Pollitt

Land lover, sky gazer, songwriter, artist, poet, singer, speaker, housekeeper, designer, recliner, thinker of big thoughts, co-creator, elevator, feminist, daughter, sister, radical, weaver, breather, crafter, maker, beginner, completer, mother, walker, daughter, fair sharer, story teller, river guide, space holder, navigator, instigator, peg doll maker, gypsy, event organiser, activist, createress, fire maker, recording artist, painter, carpenter, seed planter, gardener, designer, conceptualiser, friend, swimmer, seeker, finder, seer, rebel, potter, listener, list maker, student, researcher, doodler, boat captain, song teacher, choir leader, positive thinker, world traveller, getting younger and stronger, delighter, note writer, insighter, bhakti yogini, earth mother, tree hugger, mosaicer, appreciator, esculator, revelater.

Brett Sentance

Brett is seeking insights into how he can deepen his connection to himself, nature and others he works with. New to The Land, Constellations and Creative Action Methods, he has already gained real insights over the last year. 

An interest in Archery and connecting people through this ancient process, being in the moment with bow and arrow in hand has enabled Brett to be totally present. He has seen this work with others and is always surprised how this has such a profound impact on people

His involvement with The Land comes at a time when he needed it the most and is eternally grateful for being a part of a conscious community that thrives on Connection, community and Nature. 

Kate Tyler

Kate is an ‘Eldest Daughter’ who is naturally drawn to organising things. Particularly good at folding circular canvases, of which the Land has many, into square shapes – Kate has found her place in the Land Admin and Core Teams.

Kate used to have Fibromyalgia and part of her recovery involved sleeping outdoors for several months of the year. She also used Magnet Therapy, Energy Medicine, Acupuncture and many other tools. Still, Kate found herself surprised by the Medicine Wheel Retreat. Having always had a belief that the universe will only send you challenges you can handle, Kate was enamoured with The Land and Mother Earth for how it held her as she reflected, enquired and developed skills on this retreat.

Kate is the Chief Sorter of Fieldwork, a company she likes to think of as “The Land – on tour”. 

Harriet Hanmer

Land lover and recent Core Team member … bio to follow soon!

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