Medicine Wheel Experience



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Date : 24-26 June
Cost : £200 (includes food & camping)

Medicine Wheel Experience
This is a very special time in a very special year as we emerge from lockdown and prepare to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Mankind has been using the medicine wheel for over 5000 years to symbolise our relationship to the universe and to create a gathering place for community and ceremony. 
Following in the footsteps of our indigenous ancestors, we will use the medicine wheel as a place of ceremony and as a way of re-connecting to the natural world, of which are all a vital part. We will dedicate 2 full days to using the magic of the medicine wheel and its teachings as a tool for personal guidance and support. We will learn about ourselves and the world around us on a deeper level. We will use the wheel to help us honour and heal the wounds and worries we have picked up over the last year as we begin to step out into the year ahead.
Our ceremony culminates with the Dance to Tree of Life on the Sunday. This is the way the indigenous peoples of north and central America mark the Summer Solstice. We drum, we sing and we dance to the tree in the centre of our wheel which symbolises the tree of life. Each time we dance in and out, we give thanks for the gift of life itself and we re-dedicate ourselves to supporting life in all its forms. What better way to mark our emergence from the restrictions of the COVID pandemic?
To prepare for the solstice we will:
  • spend dedicated personal time on the land 
  • use the magic of the medicine to access our deeper wisdom
  • live tribally as part of a medicine community 
Camping in a beautiful part of the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire
Fully catered with the Land’s renowned vegetarian food
The ceremony will be held by Nic CrowCrownRabbit who has been helping people access the magic of the medicine for the last 25 years.
It will be supported by Pip and Fiona both founder members of The Land’s medicine circle.


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