Unity Consciousness Festival


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Unity Consciousness Festival

Saturday 22nd July

10 am to 10 pm

We are born into this world and one day we will leave it again. The time in between is our life. Sometimes during the journey of our life, we get tantalising glimpses of a more graceful way of being. In this state of grace, our worries drop away and we experience a deep feeling of effortless perfection. Although it might not feel like it, this experience of effortless perfection, or unity consciousness, can be more accessible to us if we design our lives as a multidisciplinary practice. Unity Consciousness is an experience of interconnectedness and oneness with all living beings and the universe as a whole.

Join us on The Land as we welcome, for the first time, some of the UK's leading practitioners of Unity Consciousness. With experts  from the fields of psychotherapy, music, storytelling, constellations, indigenous wisdom and business, we will explore how to attain and maintain this more interconnected state, resourced by a diverse set of practices and disciplines.

Our day will be carefully curated to blend intellectual understanding and debate with embodied experience and new personal insights, with The Land as the container for the magic.

Glennie Kindred
Local legend, wise women, co-author of Earth Pathways, artist and recently written a book about Unity Consciousness

Paul Stanley
Our Land Fam member, from Skelmersdale in Lancashire, will be taking us through how to use Transendental Meditation to alter towns and villages.

Gaye Donaldson
Wonderful constellator and head of Centre for Systemic Constellations. Talking about the 3 aspects of the soul, and will lead us in an exercise to constellate these 3 aspects.

Maurico Ranzi
Mauricio is a Swiss-based Land Lover who will be contributing via video as he eagerly awaits the arrival of his second grandchild. Mauricio is a recently retired CEO who has used Unity Consciousness practices in business and has a great story to tell.

In the evening, Malcolm & Josh Green will be performing Gone Cuckoo - a moving musical & vocal ode to the demise of the cuckoo on these shores.

All day ticket includes lunch & evening meal and Gone Cuckoo show.

You are welcome to camp on Friday/Saturday nights.

Listen, learn and live consciously together.

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All day including evening, Evening meal & Gone Cuckoo show, Gone Cuckoo show only


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