Our Understanding the Medicine Wheel: The Allied and Distorted Robes

Annual Earth Wisdom Solstice Ceremony

Each year as part of our annual retreats on the Land we offer a dedicated ceremony for those interested in accessing the Wisdom of Mother Earth. Our time together culminates in a Summer Solstice ceremony dancing to the Tree of Life.

Earth Wisdom on the Land

Having spent fifteen years training in the Earth Wisdom with WindEagle and RainbowHawk, the first thing we did when we bought the land was to build a medicine wheel. This ancient Meso American symbol of the human being’s relationship to the natural world is a living mandala which encodes this ancient wisdom path.

Before beginning we asked Hawk for permission, I have never forgotten what he said:

“If sacred humans go to the wheel for ceremony it’s a medicine wheel, if they don’t it’s just a pile of stones. I am happy to help you build a wheel but I have no interest in helping you stick a pile of stones in a field”.

RainbowHawk and WindEagle coached us on how to build the wheel and our first ceremony was a celebration of Hawk’s life. He re-joined the Great Spirit only days after we completed the wheel. Unsurprisingly, the wheel is our ceremonial centre.

Using the Wheel

Whether it’s yoga, druidism, willow weaving or whatever, we like to begin and end around the fire in the wheel. We always awaken the energies of the wheel as a way of beginning our events and we thank them as act of closure.

As the community of seekers who gathered together on the land evolved, they wanted to learn more about the wheel so we integrated a medicine teaching ceremony into our annual retreats program. This ceremony completes with our annual summer solstice celebration as we dance to the tree of life.

In 2016, we were delighted to welcome WindEagle back to the land for a ceremony using the Star Maiden Wheel with Nic (CrowCrownRabbit). In 2017 Ann Star Song, Chair of the Centre for Timeless Earth Wisdom, joined us to share the 20 count, the foundational Wisdom of the Wheel.

Using the Wheel from Moment to Moment – the allied and distorted wheels

This three-day retreat offers us a powerful practice which strengthens our capacity to develop more co-creative relationships in all aspects of our life and work. It also helps us diminish those patterns which disrupt our access to generative states of flow. This approach is the basis of the work which Nic Turner has shared with leaders all over the world with a proven track record in enhancing individual and collective creativity.

This medicine retreat is suitable for people with no experience of the medicine wheel, and also for experienced medicine people who wish to reconnect with the balance between the allies and distortions in their own circle of leadership.


Learn :

  • The Wheels of Power Allies Robes and The Robes of Distortion
  • To use these wheels to review your personal patterns
  • To dis-identify from family patterns that limit your access to your power energies
  • How to use these insights to release the creativity in teams and organisations of all sorts
  • Receive feedback about how others see the balance of allies and distortions in you
  • Awaken your own allied wheel
  • Learn how to use this as ongoing daily practice

Dancing to the Tree of Life

We will explore how to harness the understanding of our Robes of Power and distortion in our own personal development, as well as our relationship with our families, work and communities.The retreat climaxes with our annual summer solstice celebration where we play the powwow drum and dance to the Tree of Life.

Led by Nic Turner and Ann Roberts

Nic and Ann have been in relationship with Earth Wisdom teachers Rainbow Hawk and Wind Eagle of the Ehama Institute for twenty years. Individually, and collectively, they have been exploring the application of this ancient body of Mayan Teachings.

Through his work with nowhere, Nic has spent the last 20 years sharing a unique Medicine Wheel based practice which is now used by leaders and organisations world-wide.

Ann has delivered ceremonial and leadership development offerings that reflect her passion for the Medicine. Ann is Chair of the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom a US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building a co-creative community committed to sharing, applying and evolving these Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.

Date : 21st June – 24th June

Starting 9.30 am on the 21st, so you are welcome – and encouraged – to arrive the evening before to set up your tent etc

Cost : £200