5 Fields optical illusion

The Five Realms retreat is an exploration of the relationship between our physical senses, our emotional patterns, our family of origin, the archetypal forces and source itself. Understanding these five realms is invaluable if we wish increase the alignment between the personal, social, ecological and spiritual dimensions of our nature.

Building on the work of Jim Kepner and Judith Heming, the Five Realms program utilises a unique blend of constellations, mythic consciousness and medicine wheel technology to explore these levels experientially.

We are inviting a limited number of friends and fellow adventurers to join us in this forefront experimental program. Let’s co-create a more powerful practice and explore how to make it more generally available.

The Aim of the program

To develop a more integrated sense of self by lifting the veil between the realms and to use this to produce more effective interventions when working with clients and social systems

The Gifts of the Programme

  • A clear understanding of the different realms and how to use them to navigate the unknown.
  • A deepening sensitivity to the knowing field, which connects the subtle chemistries of the body to information from the source.
  • An ability to recognise or ‘sense’ the different realms –each realm can be experienced physically as a vibration with a different frequency.
  • An ability to use the realms to manifest purpose and work with destiny.
  • A new set of tools using phenomenology and self-suggestion which can be applied in diverse settings.
  • The foundation of an everyday practice based on which realm may be most helpful at any given time.
  • The establishment of a community of fellow seekers co-creating and taking this practice out into the world.

“It is time to shift from a human being having spiritual experiences to a spiritual being having human experiences”

Rainbow Hawk


Nic Turner

Over the last thirty years, Nic has explored ways of developing a balance between individual and collective intelligence. He has developed a practice which is has touched thousands of people and is being used in organisations all over the world. This new program builds upon this work and takes it to a new and far deeper level.

Michael Boyle

Aligned with the Mythopoetic tradition, Michael has many years of holding initiatory and transformative spaces. His current interest is in supporting individuals to discover and live out their unique sense of purpose with a spirit of excitement and fearlessness.

Anthony Jacquin

Anthony will be sharing utility tools for change, honed in his work as a hypnotherapist with over 5,000 people; tools that helped them change the way they think, feel and respond in their search for happiness. On this retreat he will turn this search around and also examine the nature of the one who is searching, in an eort to prompt a realisation that has radical effects and profound implications.


Because of its experimental nature, we would ask that you make a financial contribution to support the development of the work based on what you think it is worth and what you can afford. The Retreat is fully catered and we ask that you contribute £100 towards the costs of the food, the team who are cooking and the maintenance of the retreat centre.