Past Land Retreats


RetreatDatesPriceWhat Is It?
Body TalkMay 28th£5Body Talk and EFT with Annette Wessmann and Frances Goodall
Awakening The Space & Sunday Afternoon Tea PartyJune 16 - June 18Donation to cover food costsPractically: erecting yurts, tepees and marquees, beautifying the village,
Energetically: clearing the energies of the boundary, awakening the stones, setting intention, channeling
Awakening the Energies of the Medicine WheelJune 22 - June 24£150Exploring the archetypal energies of the native American path, known as the sacred 20 count, and developing a practice which evokes them everyday
Dancing to the Tree of LifeJune 25th£25The sundance! Dancing, singing, drumming and meditating to give thanks for the miracle of life.
The TwinkleariumJune 30 - July 2£100A celebration of life, love and spirit with Freida-Mai, Susie, Jeannie, Jos and Andy
The 5 RealmsJuly 6 - July 9£250Connecting to your soul’s unique journey using Constellations with Michael Boyle, Andy Kitt and Nic Turner
The Last BlastJuly 14 - July 16Donations WelcomeTuck up the tepee, pack up the yurts and celebrate with the land community
CoachogaJuly 22
1/2 day
£15Coaching, life skills, meditation and mandala to help do a little soul searching, getting into the stretch zone whilst holding the boundaries