This is a unique opportunity to experience the leading edge of the constellations approach in combination with the power of nature. To our knowledge, there is nowhere else in the world where you can work like this.

The practice of systemic constellations has evolved massively since its inception in the early nineties.

Hellinger’s ground-breaking work has been expanded into the areas of Health (for example Stephan Huasner), Ancestral Shamanism, (Daan Van Kampenhaut), Organisational Development (Gunthard Weber) Psycho-Spirituality (Judith Hemming), Purpose and Destiny (Jan Jacob Stam). This year’s constellations camp will explore these diverse applications of the phenomenological approach in the service of profound insight for each and every one of us.

Led by Andy Kitt and Nic Turner and supported by other faculty members of East Midlands Constellations, this retreat will be resource-rich in terms of practitioners and approaches.

This intensive developmental experience is suitable for people who wish to explore the vast potential of forefront phenomenology by:

Directly experiencing the profound access to light that comes when fundamental patterns are released

Applying the approach to health, organisations, shamanism, purpose, spirituality as well as the classic work in family systems

Experimenting with simple embodied exercises that create a little more space between our essential presence and the inner chatter of our “monkey-mind”

Using the land to help us identify key issues that inhibit our journey

Accessing the energies of the medicine wheel systemically


Thursday June 30th

  • 6pm Opening Circle and Input
  • 7.30 Dinner

Friday July 1st

  • Exploring the vastness through different aspects of phenomenology and constellations

Saturday July 2nd

  • Exploring the vastness

Sunday July 3rd

  • Exploring the vastness
  • 1.00 Lunch
  • 2.30 Closing Circle
  • 3.30 Leave no trace

Because of the nature of the work, we must all commit to participating in the whole retreat


  • Food and Camping £90
  • Contribution to EMC costs £130

As with all events on The Land, we would not wish anyone who really wanted to come to be discouraged because of money. We are always happy to look into other forms of exchange (which is one of the four foundational orders).