Our sun is at is zenith and our light is at its longest. We invite you to value yourself enough to celebrate your connection to the great tree of life.

As we sing and dance, we hear the extraordinary voices of All Our Relations, the animals, the plants, the clouds, the stones and the water.  We realise our oneness with the all life and celebrate it.

This solstice celebration is based on the traditional ceremonies of the indigenous peoples of North and South America. After communal and personal preparation, we dance to the tree of life for 30 minutes to the song of the sundance and the beat of the powwow drum. We then meditate for 15 minutes. The dance and the meditation constitute one round.


June 16th

  • 4pm onwards; Arrival, set up camp
  • 6.30 Opening Circle
  • 7.30 Dinner

June 17th

  • Preparation, beautifying the tree of life and the wheel. Practicing the sundance song and the dance, building the drum lodge
  • Personal preparation
  • Rounds 1 and 2

June 18th

  • Rounds 3-12

June 19th

  • Rounds 13-18
  • Closing Feast
  • 3pm Leave no trace