Body Talk and EFT with Annette Wessmann, Isobel Howe and Frances Goodall

Date : May 28th

Time : 10am – 4pm

Cost : £5
(additional £10 for optional personal BodyTalk or EFT taster session)

Come to a one day event on The Land to learn about and explore two empowering therapy forms that can help you to heal yourself.

Body Talk and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aid in understanding what your body needs and guide you in the direction of balance and resolution.

Annette, Isobel and Frances will give you more information and background to these therapies, and will also be offering taster sessions.

Bring food for lunch – teas & coffees will be provided.

Plan of the day:
10:00 arrival
10:30 BT presentation
11:30 BT (and EFT) taster sessions
13:30 EFT presentation
14:30 EFT (and BT) taster sessions
16:00 close