In this very special retreat, WindEagle will help us to explore:

“How can we be both unique and a part of the universal whole?”

We are like drops of water returning to the ocean; individual yet part of the oneness. Like one of these drops, our life’s work is to continually express our uniqueness. To do this we must access the oneness of the ocean so that we are in service of the whole, not distracted by the ego-mind. Yet it is our destiny to take birth in family systems which leave indelible imprints on our souls. These imprints often inhibit our access to our uniqueness and our oneness.

WindEagle will help us to access the Universal Energies of the medicine wheel. We will experience the direct relationship with the energies of life through a special breath practice and ancient life questions, leading us to greater insight into our uniqueness.

Supported by Nic and Susie Turner, WindEagle will then help each of us to explore how our families of origin impacted our access to the universal energies. We will use shamanic constellations to make adjustments which enable us to access these energies more fully.

Having strengthened access to the energies and decreased some of the imprints, we will go on a mini-quest to allow your heart’s yearning to speak about manifesting your destiny in this lifetime.

The gifts of this retreat:

• Understanding of the universal energies of the medicine wheel

• A personal medicine wheel so that you can continue to develop this practice

• Exploration and assimilation of the impacts of your family of origin

• Experience of the practice of vision quest

• Greater alignment to your destiny


We are so delighted to welcome WindEagle to teach on the land. She is a Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, an ancient body of self-knowledge and earth wisdom teachings that derive from ancient indigenous American cultures. Nic T’s teacher for many years, she and her partner RainbowHawk, before his passing, guided us on the building of our medicine wheel.

Supported by:


Nic Turner (CrowCrownRabbit)

Nic has been working with some the world’s most influential leaders using native American Earth wisdom and systemic constellations for over twenty years. A successful author in this field, he is also co-founder of “The Land”.

Susie Turner (Snow Frog)

Susie uses Gestalt psychotherapy and constellations, among other approaches, to access the wisdom of the body through inquiry and movement. She also has a passion for learning about nutrition for health. She is a co-founder of the “The Land”.

June 9th

• 4pm onwards; Arrival, set up camp

• 6.30 Opening Circle

• 7.30 Dinner

June 10th

The Star Maiden Wheel: developing your personal wheel

June 11th

Shamanic constellations: creating greater connection with the universal energy forms

June 12th

Quest: What am I called to bring forward?

• 1.30 pm Sunday Lunch, closure

• 3.00 pm Leave no trace