Building our nomadic village: learning how to erect yurts, tepees, marquees. Experience the joy of building our encampment. “It is more of a blessing to serve than to be served” Master Cheng Yen

This first camp of the summer is focussed on three of our principles, community, sustainablility and fun. We have fun working together and we are developing the practical skills necessary to live more lightly on the earth.

There is also the joy of producing a practical result that will nurture and sustain many people for the following weeks. We need to erect the sacred tree yurt, the restaurant marquee, the tepee, the 18 foot yurt. We need to beautify the wheel and get the kitchen area working.

This is especially important this year as we are opening up the camp on Sunday to local people.

Please come and help – donate your time in exchange for lovely vegetarian food!

Sunday 5th

  • Open Afternoon

For some time, we have spoken about the need to tell local community about what we are doing on the land. Therefore we are inviting people for tea and cakes. Please come and help to host the local community.