A gathering to celebrate and explore the meaning of Family. Open to all, with and without children. A chance to experience living as one big family, communally, tribally. We will play, explore nature, craft, sing and play music, laugh, and Be! Together as One!

As a Family we will plan our weekend together in a meeting circle on the first night.

This years running order!


  • 6pm Opening Circle in the Enchanted Yurt
  • 7pm Shared veggie dinner – can everyone bring a bit please.


  • 8am Breakfast
  • 8.30-9.30 Yoga for all in the Enchanted Yurt
  • 10.00 Morning meeting to decide on the day!

Possible activities:

Woodland Walk
Making nature crowns
Making Samba Instruments and playing beats!

  • 7pm Dinner – This will have been prepared by Trinity Farm’s Joe during the day!! No cooking for us…… yay! But, washing up please!

Evening Shenanigans!!! What you want…….. singing, drumming, dancing, and generally Being together!


  • 8am Breakfast!
  • 8.30-9.30 Yoga for All
  • 10.00 Morning meeting

Final practice of Samba beats. Getting ready for midday parade.

Open time to just Be.

  • 1.00 Lunch – prepared by Joe on Saturday
  • 2.00 Camp Closing Circle and Camp Parade!!!
  • 3.00 Goodbyes

People are invited to come with ideas they would like to share, but you can also just come and see what magic might happen, the choice is yours!

Please book now to secure your family’s place!

See you up at The Land!

Allison xxx