Awakening the Energies of the Medicine Wheel

Exploring the archetypal energies of the medicine wheel, known as the sacred 20 count, and developing a practice which evokes them everyday

The Sacred Twenty Count

The indigenous people of North and Central Americas saw universal energy manifesting in 20 energetic forms, which they called “The Sacred Twenty Count”. This is the founding wisdom of all medicine wheels.

As without so within

As microcosms of the universe, the teaching is that each human, family, community and society reflects these energies.

Deepen your connection

This three-day retreat offers us a powerful practice to strengthen our connection to the great web of oneness. Founded in deep observation of the natural world, the Twenty Count accesses archetypal wisdom to illuminate what we are here to learn from moment to moment.

Dancing to the tree of life

We will explore how to apply this to our own growth, as well as our relationship with our families, work and communities. The retreat climaxes with a sundance ceremony where we awaken each energy by dancing to the tree of life.

Learn to:

  • Sing the twenty count
  • Co-create wheels based on the twenty count
  • Review your own life’s journey using the star maiden wheel
  • Awaken the energies of the twenty count within you
  • Dis-identify from family patterns that limit your access to these energies
  • Dance the energies awake

Led by Nic Turner and Ann Roberts

Nic and Ann have been in relationship with Earth Wisdom teachers Rainbow Hawk and Wind Eagle of the Ehama Institute for twenty years. Individually, and collectively, they have been exploring the application of this ancient body of Mayan Teachings.

Through his work with nowhere, Nic has spent the last 20 years sharing a unique Medicine Wheel based practice which is now used by leaders and organisations world-wide. Nic now wants to share this gift on ‘The Land’, where a medicine wheel of sacred stones has been collecting energy for the last six years.

Ann has delivered ceremonial and leadership development offerings that reflect her passion for the Medicine. Ann is Chair of the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom a US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building a co-creative community committed to sharing, applying and evolving the Teachings.

Date : 22nd June – 25th June

Time : 4pm

Cost : £150