The Land Itself



  • The Land is located on the outskirts of a village,10 minutes by car from Derby mainline train station, which is 90 minutes from London St Pancras. It is 15 minutes from Junction 25 of the M1.
  • The Land overlooks the River Derwent in the Amber Valley, a world heritage site.
  • The Land is in open countryside and there are many great walks in the hills, known locally as the “Blue Mountains” (they are neither blue nor mountains!).
  • There is a great place to swim in the River Derwent 15 minutes walk away.
  • The Amber Valley forms the eastern border of the Peak District national park.
  • The walking country of the White Peaks is a 30 minute drive away.
  • The drawback of the convenient position is some occasional traffic noise echoing in the steep sided valley.[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0px 0px 0px 80px”][/one_half_last]

The Land

The land consists of eight acres, just over an acre of woodland and seven acres of pasture. The site is chalice shaped with a hill behind and water in front, very auspicious in feng shui.

There is a large flat camping area, and a hill overlooking the Derwent and the Peak District in the distance. The local village has shops selling local produce and several great pubs/restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions For Local People

Will this increase traffic and pollution?

Most cars are parked on private or public parking away from the land itself.

Will we get invaded by hippies?

We limit numbers of people to 25 at any one time, usually it is less.

Is this illegal?

We are in frequent communication with the local planning authorities to ensure that we comply with all regulations. We only camp on the land for 28 days in any calendar year.

Why do you use the track?

We try not to use the track but we need to sometimes. We have a legal right of way and the actual footpath runs parallel to the track but has fallen into disuse. We have notified the relevant authorities about this.

Will we be disturbed by late night parties?

Maybe but not by us! All our events are drug and alcohol free, we start early so go to sleep early, we have no electronic music, we sometimes play the drums!

Is this just a way to make money?

We’ve invested into what has always been a not-for-profit venture. Hopefully we will break even this year so that it can be a sustainable project.

How does the local community benefit?

We’re happy for people to continue to walk through our woods. People are encouraged to come to the top of the hill and enjoy the fantastic views (it’s a good workout too!). People can continue to enjoy this lovely spot as long as they stick to our values generally and particularly around keeping it drug and alcohol free and leaving no trace. It’s no fun picking up broken bottles, especially when kiddies are running around without shoes on!