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A day led by Jos Razzell from Charnwood Grove of Druids

Date:    6 October 2019

Time:   10 am – 4 pm

Cost: £10 (bring food to share for lunch)

Druidry is an experiential practice, allowing us to deepen our personal connections with spirit, the earth, our community and our own potential. We create space and time to experience life in a rich and respectful way, taking our place in the natural world we were born to be part of.

Druids seek to fulfil their potential, live skilfully and without harm, and take time to notice and celebrate the seasons, using ceremony to create touchpoints to share our sacred journeys of life. Because these beliefs are so simple, it’s easy to combine Druidry with other spiritual paths or religions.

The day will focus on using some key elements of Druid practice:

·       Co-creating simple ceremony – honouring the elements, ancestors and spirits of place and speaking from the heart.

·       Storytelling and song – freeing the voice

·       Druid tarot and/or astrology (depending on interest!)

·       Living to care-take the earth

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