Why Are We Here?

Nurturing Our Connection with the Field

The field in this case is both literal and metaphorical. It is literally a field where like-minded people can spend time enjoying nature and one another’s company in a completely non-commercial way.

It is also about the “field” in the quantum physics sense of the word. What we do on the land aims to create the conditions most conducive to nurturing a direct experience of the interconnectedness of all things.

The different retreats all aim to give us an experience of this level of interconnectedness, a moment of enlightenment, of sartori. They also aim to show us how to use these profound moments to see our world in a different way and to access the learning that each of us most needs.




Discipline and Commitment

Our familiar ego driven perception of separateness exerts a strong gravitational pull over us. The teachings and practices that our retreats offer give us a wonderful opportunity to overcome that pull and feel closer to who we really are.

However this takes discipline and a commitment to helping each other achieve a breakthrough and also to achieving a breakthrough for ourselves.

Because so much of this work is based on the quality of our perception and awareness, we should not interfere with it. Therefore, all our retreats are drug and alcohol free.


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Living Tribally

We bring in a small team to shop and cook for us because otherwise these activities take up too much of the retreat time. Vegetarian whole foods prepared with love and care by members of the community is a vital part of creating the “field”.

Apart from this, we work together to look after the camping retreat, to create beauty, to wash up and help prepare food, to keep the fires alight and so on. This enables us to eat together, it reduces cost and develops community.

At the end of a retreat, we work together to “leave no trace”.



Money as an Exchange of Energy

The land is a not-for-profit project. We do not expect to ever recoup the investment we have made so far but we hope that in the coming years it can become sustainable.

We therefore ask people who can afford it to cover the cost of the food and the cooking, the costs of the maintenance of the campsite and a nominal fee for the teachers, depending on the nature of the retreat.

However, we never want to exclude anyone because of money and are always happy to discuss other forms of exchange.



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Minimum Impact

The land lies off a small private road on the outskirts of a lovely Derbyshire village. We do not want to cause any inconvenience to our friends and neighbours so we limit numbers to a maximum of 28 people on the retreats. This means that we can create a genuine experience of relationship and community. We do not have any amplified music.

The land lies fallow for most of the year and our camps are only held over a short period in the summer to comply with the Public Health Act of 1936 which states “land may be used for camping purposes for up to 42 consecutive days, or 60 days in any 12 month period”.